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Hybrid Working White Paper

Julie Adams May 12, 2021

This whitepaper is written by Julie Adams, Senior Communication and Content Specialist at DisplayNote.

In the last 12 months, work as we once knew it had been turned on its head. With many companies turning to remote working long-term, we’ve created this white paper to explore and discuss the impacts of hybrid working at both an organizational and cultural level.

This 32-page white paper examines and summarises the existing research on the topic. We couple with findings from the past 12 months to give a holistic impression of the viability of hybrid working in the modern era of work.

Inside we’ll examine topics like the advantages and challenges of hybrid working, cybersecurity, why remote working goes wrong and how to avoid it, the issue of real estate and collaborative consumption – plus many more relevant issues.

The paper also looks at how businesses can successfully leverage the new model of working to empower their employees and increase productivity.

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