Launcher 1.7 is here with native video integrations, speedy deployment, more video partners and lots more.

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Jan 29, 2020

Launcher is designed to improve the meeting room experience by making it easy to launch your calls, apps and calendars. Today we release Launcher 1.7, a version of the software that removes friction caused by trying to locate and launch the apps you use the most. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new in the version.

  • Native video integration for Zoom and GotoMeeting
  • Web support for Webex, Google Meet, Lifesize, Whereby
  • Mobile support for all video calling: use your phone to Launch video calls on the big screen
  • Export/Import Settings for speedy deployment
  • Presence detection comes to Android

Native video integration for Zoom and GoToMeeting For many, video calling is now part and parcel of meetings. People are at home, on the road, on another floor. And yet, every day, it’s not uncommon to run the gamut of things that get in the way of a smooth start: what’s the ID, what are we using, send me the password!To keep things simple, we have added native Zoom and GotoMeeting integration to Launcher. This means when you schedule a meeting and call in Outlook, it appears on meeting room screen and you can start a call with one tap.

Mobile support for all video calls: use your phone to Launch your calls on the big screen

Launcher’s presence detection technology means you can use your phone to temporarily personalise any meeting room screen and get access to your calls, content and personal calendar. In Launcher 1.6, we’re making mobile do more. Once wirelessly signed into a screen, users can launch any video call on their phone and it will start on the main screen with support for Zoom, Skype, Teams, GotoMeeting, Google, Lifesize, Blue Jeans, Whereby and Webex.

Support for Webex, Google Meet, Lifesize and Whereby calls

In addition to native support for Teams, Skype, Zoom and GoToMeeting, Launcher 1.6 brings web based support for Webex, Lifesize, Google Meet, BlueJeans and Whereby. Like native apps, users can schedule an event in Outlook and launch a web-based link to their video call.

Export and Import settings for quick and consistent deployment To help you get Launcher up and running across your organisation, we’ve added the ability to export settings from one screen and import them on another. As the person in charge of setting-up multiple rooms, Launcher’s new settings export, allows you to copy licence information room details, PIN, your shortcuts and kiosk mode settings and import them via USB on your next screen.

Presence Detection comes to Android

Good news for Android users: we have added our presence detection technology to Android devices.

Using the Launcher app on Android allows users to discover nearby displays and get secure access to their personal video calls and content, cutting down the need to sign in and out of meeting room screens.

Fixes, enhancements and improvements

  • Improved how Launcher transitions in and out of offline mode when a connection is lost or re-established.
  • Tweaked the settings home screen option to have a more reliable and user-friendly touch interaction.
  • Improved Launcher recovery process in the event of a crash while in kiosk mode.
  • Added a method for system administrators to get an on-screen PIN reminder after entering their Windows administrator credentials

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