Make it personal: how custom backgrounds help you focus on what matters in a meeting room.

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Jun 24, 2020

Prior to our June update, the Launcher home screen background image had been chosen to accommodate as many organisations as possible, meaning that it had to be generic enough to be pleasing to all.

Well, thanks to the recent Launcher update, you can personalise your meeting space by changing the appearance of the Launcher home screen thanks to the brand new background customisation feature.

Let’s get into the detail…

Custom Backgrounds

After examining core use cases for Launcher – easy access to video calls and apps – it became obvious that clarity and simplicity were integral to delivering a best-in-class meeting room experience. With that in mind, we asked ourselves how we could extend this experience by providing users with a more familiar environment, or safe haven so to speak, to allow them to remain comfortable while they interact with Launcher.

One outcome that flowed out of our internal brainstorming session was to deliver functionality to allow users to personalise the Launcher appearance. This new functionality was included in the June update and is available in the form of background and logo customisation.

Background gallery A collection of twelve background handpicked for you to use. These come in a variety of styles for different looks: from landscapes to moody cityscapes, abstract art to natural materials. We think that the background gallery offers something to every space, we hope you agree.

Bespoke backgrounds

Of course, you may want to choose an appearance that compliments your space, company values and branding. So, in addition to curated backgrounds, admin users can add their own backgrounds

In fact, we can try to help you here too. Our background gallery was compiled using Unsplash which, with a collection of over 1 million curated photographs by some of the world’s most talented content creators, is a fantastic resource for those wanting to handpick backgrounds of their own.


As the visual representation of a brand, your logo has the potential to communicate and reinforce your organisation’s core values and principles.

A logo therefore plays a critical role in serving as a point of connection between a company, its employees and its customers. With internal and external teams coming in and out of meeting spaces, the meeting room home screen is another opportunity to communicate those core values.

With that in mind, we’ve included the ability to add your own logos to your Launcher home screen. Once you add your logo, you’ll find it sitting neatly in the top right-hand corner of the home screen. Prominently positioned but not getting in the way of what your users need to do.

Our guiding principle with Launcher is to remove friction and simplify to process of starting call and getting things done. Making your spaces personal and familar is just one of many ways Launcher helps to simplify your place of work.

You can try Launcher for yourself, for free, by going here.

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