Making your displays truly accessible with Screen Sharing 

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Nov 20, 2023

For students with disabilities, equal access to education often requires assistive technologies. But when screen sharing is designed inclusively from the start, it can empower all learners by removing barriers. This Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach promotes natural participation.

Imagine a classroom where every student can share their perspective in their preferred format – verbally explaining a math problem, visually annotating details, or typing thoughts into captions. Their needs shape the collaboration.

Or maybe a scenario where one to many screen sharing combined with Automated live transcripts displayed in real time on a student device can open up discussions for those with hearing challenges by showing speaker captions instantly. The result is that students gain independence and teachers get insight into comprehension levels.

One other benefit is that unconstrained multi-source projection allows group work to shine. For examples students cluster collaboratively around their device screens and then wirelessly share to the full class for seamless presentations. No mobility barriers to engagement.

For those with visual needs, being able to see the front of room content on their own device , then zoom in, add notes to it means your students can customize views to their abilities and never feel left out.

By considering diverse needs throughout design, screen sharing moves your display beyond accommodation to empowerment and collaboration in the classroom becomes more equitable, participatory and engaging for all learners.

Let’s connect to explore how our Broadcast and Montage software on your interactive displays can help unlock the potential in every student. There are so many opportunities to reimagine learning experiences where achievement has no boundaries.

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