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Meet the Team: Jose Alvarez

Julie Adams Nov 3, 2021

Who are DisplayNote? A technology company, yes. We make collaboration tools, also yes. But who are the people behind the technology?

We’re speaking to the people that make DisplayNote. The exuberant, smiling faces who write the code, find the bugs, and answer your help emails.

First up is our Head of Engineering, Jose Alvarez.

Hi Jose! For anyone who doesn’t already know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi there, I’m Jose Alvarez, from Murcia in Spain. I’ve got 13 years of commercial experience in the IT sector, and I love technology and everything tech-related, especially Android.

I spend my free time cooking, travelling, playing paddle tennis and watching tv shows. I currently live in Murcia with my wife, who I met during my Erasmus year in Poland. I went to study for a year in Łódź and ended up staying there for a few years. I returned to Spain nine years ago with my girlfriend (who is now my wife!), and we got married two years ago.

How long have you been with DisplayNote?

This month will be 8 years since I joined DisplayNote as Android Developer. Time flies!

What’s your role at DisplayNote?

I’m Head of Engineering and Site Manager at the DisplayNote Spain offices. I’ve played almost every role relating to Software Development during my career. I started as QA Engineer back in Poland and have since been a Software Engineer, Team Lead and Project Manager.

Which 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Loyal, truthful and disciplined.

You said you were a TV fan…What show are you currently binging?

We’ve recently finished watching Squid Game and Clickbait on Netflix and are currently watching The Good Doctor and Cathedral of the Sea.

What 3 people would you bring to your fantasy dinner party?

Salvador Dalí, Al Pacino & Michael Jordan.

That’s a party! And finally, what is your most cherished DisplayNote memory?

It’s hard for me to choose my most cherished memory – as there’s been so many during my 8 years in the company. Every success (and failure) has been experienced together, as a family – so I think the most important part of DisplayNote is the team we have built. Personally, it’s great to feel valued and see your day-to-day work is recognized.

I guess you could say that my most cherished DisplayNote memory is still to come. It will be when the whole DisplayNoter team can come together once again from both offices to celebrate the impact we are making in the AV industry!

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