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Meet the team: Kostas Rotas

Niamh O'Brien
Mar 14, 2023

Here at DisplayNote, we’re very happy to welcome Kostas Rotas to the Engineering Team.

I asked Kostas a few questions to learn about life before DisplayNote, what he’s hoping to bring to the new role, and just to get to know him better.

Hi Kostas! Thanks for having a chat with me. First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi, my name is Kostas and I am a Software Engineer here at DisplayNote. I have a big interest in technology, and I really enjoy cycling and 80s music.

How would your friends describe you?

My friends would describe me as a very outgoing, social guy.

What attracted you to working at Display Note?

I really liked the products they have developed and wanted to be part of helping to further develop them. I have the skills necessary to succeed in this role and I like the fact that I can work remotely.

And what are you planning to bring to the team?

Good quality work, and to help out my colleagues in any way that I can.

You’re in your favourite coffee shop; what are you ordering?

Just a regular cappuccino.

It’s lunchtime, and you’re at the deli. You have free reign to create your ultimate sandwich. What’s in it?

Sausages and ketchup.

What 3 items are you bringing to a desert island?

A computer, my bicycle, and books.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to trying or discovering in your new role?

I’m looking forward to learning new things and hopefully being able to handle them.

And finally, if you were to set yourself an intention for the next six months, what would it be?

To remain happy and satisfied with my job, and to have free time for my hobbies, family and friends.

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