Multitask with Montage’s Picture-in-Picture Mode

Julie Adams Dec 2, 2021

We know how busy the school day is, and that the technology you use needs to be simple and effective technology, so we’re always thinking of ways to help you and your students to get the most from your lessons.

In this spirit, this month we’ve added a new multitasking feature called Picture-in-Picture for our web app.

What is Picture-in-Picture?

With Picture-in-Picture, web users can see the main presentation on their screen while viewing other web pages or tabs at the same time.

If your student is presenting to the class or sharing project work, they can view the presentation while still working in other tabs.

This new feature is ideal for Google-enabled classrooms, making it easy for your students to keep up with what’s being shown while carrying out other tasks.

What other features can I expect in the new version?

You’ll also notice some bug fixes and general improvements in the new version – to give you a smoother, overall experience.

How do I get the new update?

You’ll get an automatic alert to update on the Montage application. You can also download and install the latest version here – this will replace your previous version.

What do you think of our updates?

We’d love to hear your opinions. Contact us or get in touch via LinkedIn, Twitter or Support.

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