Scaling collaboration on interactive displays: the benefits of web-based screen sharing

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Dec 5, 2023

At DisplayNote, we know from that with over 75% of screen sharing activity stemming from the browser rather than native apps, web technology has proven to be the superior method for scaling screensharing on interactive displays.

Leveraging cloud infrastructure, DisplayNote’s browser-based approach allows each screen sharing server to support tens of thousands of simultaneous streams. By distributing load balancing across global data centers, DisplayNote achieves unmatched scalability and reliability.

With servers across the United States, Europe, Singapore and India hosted on Azure and AWS, DisplayNote already facilitates millions of shared screens per year for customers worldwide.  This geographically diverse infrastructure helps minimize latency while providing redundancy.

Additionally, using web technology, new features and updates are instantly rolled out to all end users globally via the cloud. There is no need for localized device installations, manual software updates or version control issues.

With over a decade of refinement, DisplayNote offers the most mature and battle-tested web-based screen sharing solution tailored specifically for interactive displays. Having powered millions of shared screens from browsers across platforms, DisplayNote’s infrastructure is unrivalled.

Unlock simple, secure and scalable screen sharing powered by the web. Get in touch with our team of experts to explore how we can help integrate seamless BYOD collaboration into your next interactive touch screen product.

Learn more about our screen sharing solution here.

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