Settings panel and improved onboarding in DisplayNote Launcher 1.2

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Jul 31, 2019

Version 1.2 of DisplayNote Launcher has arrived! This update contains some small but important changes that are designed to improve the setup and management of the solution.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in this update.

  • We’ve revamped the settings with changes to room setup, calendars, PIN, apps, and updates.
  • Joining for the first time is now easier with less friction and more joining options.
  • Lots of enhancements including cleaner UI, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Settings panel

Since its launch at Infocomm ’19, one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is that usability is particularly important for the setup and management of software.

Well, we agree. In fact, we believe that software setup and daily management should be every bit as delightful as any other nifty feature we design. With Launcher 1.2, we’re introducing the shiny new settings panel that centralises all application settings and introduces some new features.

  • App management: The settings now include a dedicated section for the management of apps, where they can be added or removed from Launcher.
  • PIN change: We’ve included a facility for changing the PIN, should you need it.

Improved onboarding

We’ve already streamlined the sign-in process for Launcher app users and we know that this has been well received; thanks for your feedback.

“But what about those who don’t have the app?”, I hear you say. Well, we’re delighted to announce that the Launcher 1.2 update will include a manual sign-in facility, where anyone with an Office 365 account can enter their details to connect and personalise their meeting room experience.

Additionally, we’ve made some changes to the QR code so that if you don’t have the mobile app, you’ll be taken directly to your operating system’s dedicated app store.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us or get in touch via LinkedIn, Twitter or Support. We’re continually adding features, so register your interest in Launcher to keep up to date!

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