The power of cross-platform screen sharing

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Oct 19, 2023

The ability for multiple teachers and students to simultaneously cast content from their browsers to a shared touchscreen unlocks tremendous versatility and convenience. By leveraging the ubiquity of web browsers across devices and platforms,  it removes friction and barriers that often hinder seamless collaboration.

Firstly, there is no installation required for end users. Whether they are connecting from a Windows laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, users can instantly share their screens with a simple click. This plug-and-play experience is great for users and takes strain off IT admins who don’t need to qualify devices, manage software updates or ensure version consistency across platforms.

Secondly, by screen sharing directly from the browser rather than device-specific apps, users are no longer constrained by network limitations. As long as there is internet connectivity, users can connect and share content regardless of whether they are on WiFi, LAN or even 4G. This simplicity means users never have to think about connectivity or networks.

Additionally, as the screen sharing software runs centrally on servers rather than user devices, new features and updates can be rolled out seamlessly without requiring end users to manually update apps and requalify versions. This saves administrators huge amounts of time and overhead.

With versatile cross-platform screen sharing from any browser, schools and businesses can now enable seamless collaboration while supporting BYOD initiatives. Unlocking this capability helps future proof interactive touch screens for the diversity of devices used in modern classrooms and meeting rooms.

Learn more about our screen sharing solution here.

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