Web first screensharing: easing the burden on EdTech Administrators

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan Sep 27, 2023

Equipping touch screens with browser-based screen sharing capabilities can tremendously simplify deployments for EdTech administrators in school districts while making life easier for teachers and students. This advantage ultimately benefits interactive display manufacturers servicing the education market.

For IT teams, managing software across school-owned and personal devices is a headache, especially with regular OS updates and ever-greening cycles to qualify. However, by ensuring your touchscreen investment supports web based screen sharing directly from the browser, admins sidestep version control and compatibility issues.

With users able to instantly share content from the browser without installations, administrators avoid qualification testing whenever new devices are introduced or software is updated. Students and teachers connecting personal devices can self-serve instead of relying on tech support.

It also means less classroom call-outs for IT support solve why devices on different networks can’t connect or discover the screensharing session IDs.

Additionally, as teachers leverage popular cloud tools for lesson plans and assignments, web-based interactivity allows seamless integration without locally installing apps. This allows IT teams to deliver richer capabilities without increasing management overhead.

By easing the technology burden so administrators can focus more strategic initiatives, browser-based interactivity translates to happier tech teams, teachers and students. This means faster, more widespread adoption of interactive screens in schools which ultimately benefits display manufacturers targeting the education market.

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