A photo of a Pacific Community meeting room with Launcher on a screen
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Staying connected across twenty-seven Pacific Islands with Launcher


The Pacific Community (SPC) uses DisplayNote Launcher to stay connected across twenty-seven Pacific islands, supporting the economic, cultural, and environmental interests of their members.


The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organization in the Pacific region. An international development organization owned and governed by 26 country and territory members.

SPC works for the well-being of Pacific people through the application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures. This unique organization covers fisheries, agriculture, human rights, geoscience, and climate.

A photo of a Pacific Community meeting room with Launcher on a screen

The Challenge

The Pacific Community is Headquartered in New Caledonia, with over 700 staff. With four more regional offices located across the Pacific region and a European office in Paris, SPC relies heavily on video conferencing for communication between its staff and members.

The organization had tried other solutions in meeting spaces but found it difficult to customize them to meet their needs. They needed to find a solution that made video-conferencing across multiple platforms easy and consistent.

Commenting on their previous configuration, Paefou Panapa, ICT Assistant at SPC described the experience:

“It was a pain to set up and customize. And it wasn’t clean. People would use one platform, then walk out and the space wouldn’t be ready for the next users who would need to use a different platform.”

Phill Hardstaff, ICT Operations Manager at SPC, notes the importance of finding a user-friendly solution:

“I want people to be able to walk into a room, walk up to the screen, and no matter what the meeting is (Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.) – and they can just press a button, and the meeting is ready.”

Security was also a key consideration for the organization. With various teams using the meeting rooms, it is crucial that no trace is left behind at the end of a meeting.

The Solution

SPC began adding Launcher to their Avocor E-Series and F-Series screens in June 2020 and now uses Launcher on 40 screens across their meeting rooms.

“I was lucky to find Launcher. I liked the look of it, and the calendar was very clean. I took a test and found it really easy to set up, especially in kiosk mode,” comments Paefou.

Used in Kiosk Mode, Launcher has brought uniformity while securing meeting rooms throughout the organization and allows users to switch between video conferencing tools, as required.

We mainly use Microsoft Teams as our internal tool, but for external parties, we use Zoom. Using Launcher in Kiosk Mode makes it very easy for non-tech savvy staff members to use the meeting room equipment and launch their calls.

Paefou Panapa – ICT Assistant, The Pacific Community
A photo of a Pacific Community meeting room with Launcher on a screen

The Results

We were given a challenging brief when it came to updating our meeting room technology, but we found the right solution. Our users love the simplicity of Launcher – they can just walk up to the screen and launch their meeting from the calendar.

Phill Hardstaff – ICT Operations Manager, The Pacific Community

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