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The Harvard Approach: Putting people first with DisplayNote solutions  


IT Service Desk Manager, Andrew Mora, discusses the improvements his colleagues have seen since deploying Launcher and Montage into Harvard Maintenance Services.  

Harvard Maintenance Services has become the largest and fastest growing cleaning contractor in the United States. Located in Miami, Florida, this family-owned business now employs over 10,000 skilled and hardworking people who are at the forefront of Harvard’s values and priorities.  

With 60+ years experience, Harvard Maintenance’s managed service solutions are client driven, ensuring the highest standards in every aspect of their partnership. To do that, Harvard Maintenance needs the right tools in the right places to communicate and collaborate effectively.  

The Challenge 

For Andrew Mora, Service management and AV Strategy are a priority to ensure staff can communicate with clients with confidence and keep their focus on what’s important. Historically, meeting spaces with Zoom room created frustration for users, limited in the video conferencing vendors they could use while faced with complex processes to share screens.  

This frustration led to complications for Andrew’s IT team, as staff began unplugging systems and bypassing software to try to help meet their needs. Leaving meeting rooms with no consistency and confusion for other users.  

The Solution 

Andrew moved Harvard Maintenance onto the Launcher software solution. Providing a customizable interface, offering freedom to launch any video conference call and quick access to web links, apps, and drives. Alongside this, Harvard installed Montage, DisplayNote’s wireless casting solution that enables users to quickly screen share without the need for cables or complex source switching. 

This is a game changer for user experience. Now Harvard Maintenance staff have more options at their fingertips, utilizing meeting spaces easily to suit their needs. The meeting room calendar offers visibility and ease of use for launching calls, while the clean up function ensures data is cleared and the interface runs smoothly throughout the day. 

The DisplayNote solutions made for an easier management experience for Andrew, with Launcher’s kiosk mode locking down the interface, protecting the Windows system underneath. While Montage ensured no unnecessary source switching or complex cables to monitor and replace after over-use.  

“The user experience is much easier. The integrated calendar features and the kiosk mode make managing the system much easier for users and supporting the system.”

Andrew Mora IT Service Desk Manager 

The Results

Using DisplayNote’s Launcher and Montage solutions, Harvard Maintenance Services now see: 

  • An improved user experience, with simplified call launching and room booking  
  • Easy to use wireless screen sharing, accessed through the Launcher interface 
  • Secured settings and easy meeting room system management  

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