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Meet the new Team: Gregorio Blanco

Julie Adams Jul 7, 2022

The DisplayNote team is growing, and we’re very pleased to welcome Gregorio to the DisplayNote Engineering Team in our Spanish Office, as our Backend Systems Engineer.

I chatted with Gregorio to find out about life before DisplayNote, what he’s hoping to bring to his new role, and to just get to know him a little better.

Hi Gregorio, welcome to the DisplayNote Team! First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Gregorio Blanco, a Java developer that worked as a freelance in several countries for years, lately at the European Commission in Brussels, but now settled in Murcia. Outside work, I love to cook Spanish and exotic food (Chinese, Arabic, Indian, etc.), travel, and learn about everything and everywhere.

How would your friends describe you?

Somebody you can depend on, with a peculiar sense of humor sometimes…

What attracted you to working at DisplayNote?

The focus on innovation that can clearly be seen from the outside, as well as the working environment.

And what are you planning to bring to the team?

Some experience, and maybe some new perspectives.

You’re in your favorite coffee shop; what are you ordering?

A traditional Indian chai tea would be great.

Great choice. It’s lunchtime, and you’re at the deli. You have free reign to create your ultimate sandwich. What’s in it?

CBBC – Chicken, Bacon, BrieSomething with smoked salmon, chives, and habanero chilies (don’t try it at home!).

What 3 items are you bringing to a desert island?

Probably I’d need the best satellite phone available, a suitable solar charger, and a powerful credit card (I have none of the three, BTW).

Is there anything you’re looking forward to trying or discovering in your new role?

I’m eager to learn from my colleagues as much as I can.

And finally, if you were to set yourself an intention for the next six months, what would it be?

To look back, and be able to say that I made a noticeable contribution to the collective work.

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