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Communardo is a software and services company based in Dresden, Germany. Their team of software engineers, consultants, support, and service specialists passionately works with clients to develop apps that solve recurring problems, making Atlassian and Microsoft solutions even better.

The Challenge

As a busy technology company with clients worldwide, collaboration is core to daily operations at Communardo. Before COVID, it was common to have multiple clients visiting the office each day, meaning meeting spaces were used frequently.

Although the room setups were functional, colleagues found they needed to be in the meeting room at least 10 minutes before a meeting to sign in to the meeting room computer and access their own apps and content. As the meeting room PC was being treated like a second PC, it was also common to have multiple users logging in and customizing the computer a day. After a while, there were hundreds of profiles on the computer, meaning the PCs became slow.

Added to this was the issue of room users changing the settings of the webcam, microphones, and speakers. As a result, the IT department was frequently called upon by colleagues who had issues signing in and couldn’t access the apps they needed. This prompted the search for a better way of working.

Furthermore, in light of the global shift towards hybrid working, video conferencing and hybrid meetings have replaced many of the face-to-face meetings with clients. As a result, colleagues need quick and easy access to their video calls in the meeting space. Communardo also understands that the office needs to have an advantage over working from home. Creating a seamless environment for collaboration is, therefore, essential in making the office more attractive.

With these challenges in mind, Communardo wanted a standardized way to directly launch meetings and applications without the users needing to log in each time. And it was crucial that this was a simple, out-of-the-box solution that could be used by everyone.

As we’re a very person-focused company, it’s always essential for us to that the colleagues feel empowered. Our main focus as an internal IT team is to make sure that our colleagues can work as well as possible with the equipment we provide.

We were looking for a solution that’s so simple that everyone, even non-technical staff, can use it. And we want to roll this out as easily as possible across multiple locations.”

Maximilian Heyne – Head of Internal IT, Communardo

The Solution

Communardo worked alongside Dell to install Samsung displays across five meeting rooms. DisplayNote’s Launcher software was then added to the displays, giving users one-touch access to their calls, apps, and calendars.

By installing Launcher software onto their displays, they have leveraged the existing Logitech cameras and audio equipment in the room to improve the user experience in these spaces.

“Being able to improve our current setup with only a software update is extremely cost-effective – it has helped us greatly. DisplayNote Launcher is the perfect solution for us, as it uses the technology that we already have,” notes Maximilian.

The Results

All the resources needed for a meeting are now pre-loaded onto the screen, meaning users can start their meetings with one touch. Using Launcher in Kiosk Mode also keeps the meeting room systems locked down, preventing colleagues from changing the system settings and downloading unauthorized software.

With past solutions, the colleagues at Communardo found it difficult to switch between Teams meetings and the browser, as with opening one, you closed the other. With Launcher, users can easily switch between the two and access the content they need during their meetings.

“Having a meeting space that anyone can use and that reliably works 99% of the time is a win for us. It reduces the demand on our IT department and creates a positive meeting room experience for all our colleagues.”

Maximilian Heyne – Head of Internal IT

Communardo also benefits from Launcher’s built-in Privacy and Security features. With Automatic Cleanup, the system is wiped after meetings, ensuring no data is left behind.

“Thank you for writing such beautiful software. It’s an inexpensive solution that is just what the market needs. Using Launcher is a win-win situation; as an IT department, we really appreciate it, and so do our colleagues.”

Maximilian Heyne – Head of Internal IT, Communardo

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