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Moderate screen sharing sessions from your personal device with the Montage May Update

A photo of Eddie Morgan enjoying a huge pizza Eddie Morgan May 25, 2022

We know how integral mobility is during lessons, so this update makes it easy for you to control who shares their screen from anywhere in the room. 

As a presenter, you no longer need to walk to the big display at the front of the room to invite your students to wirelessly present. You can now connect to the session as a teacher using Google Classroom and moderate who shares their screen all from your own device. This keeps you in control of the lesson while giving you the freedom to move around the classroom.

A No-Fuss Overview of the May Update

  • Moderate the session as a teacher from your own device
  • Improved AirPlay experience
  • Better video streaming

Control the session from anywhere in the room

This brand-new feature allows you to sign in to Montage as a teacher with your Google classroom account and moderate who shares their screen from your own device.

Proximity is one of the most powerful tools you have as an educator. Moving around the room during a lesson and interacting with students is crucial for effective classroom management and building relationships. To support the trend toward more flexible and dynamic spaces, the new update enables teachers on Windows, Mac, and Web clients to connect with their Google email and control what other devices can share.

You can also use this feature to invite students to present and remove users to free up a session slot for others. Montage Product Manager, Ed Morgan shows you how in the video below.

Quicker AirPlay connection and improved discovery

You can now expect a smoother experience when streaming via AirPlay. To make it easier for iOS users to share their screens via AirPlay, we’ve removed the need to enter a session ID when not using Moderator Mode.

Better video streaming

This version sees a brand new way in how our software handles video streaming. So, you can expect faster streaming and a cleaner image when streaming videos on the big screen.

What other features can I expect in the new version?

You’ll also notice some bug fixes and general improvements in the new version! You can find the release notes on the latest update here.

How do I get the new update?

You will receive an automatic alert to update the Montage app. You can also access the newest version of Montage for the web here.

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