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Using Montage to enable flexible screen-sharing in over 400 classrooms


Mayfield School District, Ohio, uses DisplayNote Montage to upgrade the schools’ existing technology, enabling flexible screen-sharing in over 400 classrooms.


John Duplay is the Technology Director for Mayfield School District in Ohio.

With more than 400 classrooms to manage, the challenge for John is finding technology that keeps the classroom connected and accessible for both students and teachers alike.

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The Challenge

John needed to find screen-sharing software that would work with the schools existing tech set-up of 400 Mini PCs and projectors. With teachers using Windows Surface tablets and students from K2-12 using Google Chromebooks, he also needed to find a solution that was compatible with different device types, easy to use, and easy to install across multiple locations.

For John, the most common feedback from teachers was that traditional screen-sharing solutions were very restrictive. Screen sharing meant they were landlocked to their desks. He found that:

  • Teachers wanted to be mobile while sharing content from their tablet to the main screen
  • They wanted to be able to interact with the content on their device using the touch panel
  • They wanted a way for the students to share their work with the rest of the class
A teacher at the front on a classroom teaching a lesson using montage

The Solution

With the Montage Windows receivers installed on the Mini PCs and the DisplayNote app installed on the teachers’ Windows devices, teachers can now easily share their content to the Mini PC, which is connected to the projector.

Students can also join the Montage session via their browser – to easily their content with the rest of the room. This could be multimedia presentations they are working on, team projects, or showing their working out on problems.

Montage works with all the different devices and set-ups in our classrooms. Teachers love the DisplayNote suite of apps – students can easily share content from their Chromebooks to the interactive touch screen using the DisplayNote web app.

Plus, browser-based sharing means zero deployment and no need to upgrade apps – reducing the amount of technical support required. When a teacher joins the classes from the perspective of the student, it gives a sense of the teacher participating at the same level as the student.
There are no more questions from students asking me to show something again.

John Duplay – Technology Director, Mayfield School District

The Results

Before DisplayNote, teachers were fixed to their desks when sharing content; now, they have the flexibility to present to the main screen from anywhere in the room. Plus, students can easily join from their Chromebooks; the whole class can collaborate together on the main screen with ease.

With Montage installed in the classroom, the teachers in Mayfield School District can also:

  • Control who shares their screen with Montage’s Moderator Mode
  • View up to four students work on the main display at the same time with Grid View
  • Present and Annotate simultaneously

Teachers are no longer land-locked to their desks – Montage creates a fluid environment where teachers and students can display content from wherever they are in the room.

John Duplay – Technology Director, Mayfield School District

Present your content from anywhere in the room

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