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With Launcher software added to meeting room screens, users have quick and easy access to all their video calls and favourite apps. Making remote communications and hybrid meetings simple – without compromising on security or locking into a single UC vendor.

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Launcher improves operational efficiency
across your organisation

See how Launcher has improved communication and training efficiency for Greater Manchester Combined Authority by standardising their 47 community rooms.

As a Windows software Solution, Launcher can be added to your existing screens, making it a cost-effective Solution.

Find out what you need to get started.

  • With Launcher, your rooms are:
  • Accessible and user-friendly
    • Feature icon students attendees simple
    • Launcher's intuitive design replicates the experience your users are familiar with on their personal devices, making meeting spaces more accessible for all tech levels.
  • Not vendor-locked
    • We
    • Launcher unlocks rooms from single UC vendors, allowing users to launch calls across Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Lifesize, and Blue Jeans.
  • Standardised
    • Feature icon standardize setup settings simple
    • Customise the Launcher home screen with your approved apps and tools to create a familiar and consistent experience in every meeting room throughout your organisation.
  • Locked down and secure
    • Feature icon cleanup clear privacy simple
    • Kiosk Mode keeps things locked down, preventing access to the system. Plus, Custom Cleanup allows you to schedule when and what type of data is cleared between meetings.
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  • With Launcher installed, we are reassured that every screen is exactly the same no matter which station you go to; the same apps and icons are always there.
  • Mark Scoales
    • Digital Services Manager, GMCA
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  • points
    • A consistent meeting experience in every room
    • Faster and better staff training
    • Full control over what apps can be accessed

  • Who is Launcher for?
  • Multi-site organisations
    • Launcher makes communications between sites effortless.
  • Organisations supporting a hybrid workforce
    • Launcher makes collaboration easy, ensuring parity between employees - no matter where they work.
  • Public sector organisations
    • To facilitate reliable, real-time remote communications, and collaboration between sites.
  • Organisations with strict security protocols
    • Launcher's customisable security settings protect your systems and your information.
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  • We wanted the screens to be locked down, but still give staff the option to launch calls in their video-conferencing platform of choice. Launcher is easy to use, and we don’t have people coming out of meeting rooms frustrated that they can’t get into meetings. It’s a good solution.
  • Glen Goodwin
    • Executive Director of IT, VCCI
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  • points
    • Easy call launching with different video platforms
    • More efficient meetings with fewer help requests
    • Hybrid-enabled rooms

Create a better meeting experience

access apps with one touch icon for dark
Access the tools you need

Customize Launcher with your choice of productivity apps and URLs for one-touch launching.

no vendor-locked rooms icon for dark
No vendor-locked rooms

Launcher works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Lifesize, Blue Jeans, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet.

standardized setup icon for dark
Standardize your set-up

PIN-protect your settings and export them across the organization for a standarized experience in every room.

locked down system kiosk mode icon for dark
Lock down your system

Keep the meeting room device secure using Kiosk Mode and prevent unwanted access to the Windows system.

secure and private icon for dark
Keep your data private

Built-in security options remove cached data, close application, and clean up the device for the next meeting.

connect via mobile icon for dark
Connect with your mobile

The Launcher app allows users to sign into Microsoft and launch calls on the meeting room screen from their mobile.

What are the benefits of using Launcher?

IT admin icon
Benefits for IT Admin
  • Leverages existing equipment
  • Fewer help requests and callouts
  • More control over meeting room security
  • More digitally inclusive meeting spaces
users of the solution icon
Benefits for meeting room users
  • Less time setting-up
  • Fewer technical difficulties
  • No personal data is left behind
  • Feel confident using tech, even in unfamiliar rooms

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  • 14-day, no obligation trial
  • No credit card required
  • Windows only

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  • A large format screen with a Windows operating system and access to Windows app store.
  • An interactive touch screen or a large format screen with a mouse and keyboard connected.

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